Why you should write a devotional

The thought from many church leaders is that writing anything on a regular basis is overwhelming. In reality, you can create a lot of content by sharing the responsibility of writing with a few people. If you plan and stick to a routine, three to five people can write a lot of content that benefit your church in several ways (celebration, free advertising, increased engagement).

Here are a few examples:

  1. Write a daily devotional that posts Monday through Friday. This takes the most effort, but it is very effective to keep your current church family engaged. The most common resources for email lists are Mailchimp and Constant Contact (I use Mailchimp). They are relatively inexpensive if you start with a smaller list. Helpful tip for devotionals:  start with a planned approach for the entire calendar year. By selecting Bible verses to discuss in advance, you cut down a lot of your work. Invite other people to share the responsibility of writing by giving them the topics/scriptures in advance.
  2. Alternatively, start with celebratory articles authored by somebody in your church. If you have a newsletter, print it out, but also post the same content to your website. If you don't have a decent website, know it's worth every penny of investment. For less than $100 per year you can have a great site. Start with a picture, add a short (three paragraphs minimum) "testimonial" about the event pictured. Rather than focusing on numbers and data, try sharing somebody's experience with a summary of what they learned from the event. Make the sure picture is a close up of smiling faces or big crowd images.

There are people who’ve spent a lifetime learning and teaching on the subject of “devotional" or “quiet” or “prayer” time. However, there is nothing stopping you from sharing your own thoughts. The more pre-planing you do, the easier it is to have a daily devotional.

And remember, it's o.k. to start with only a once-a-week devotional and work up to a more frequent routine.