Inspiration from a Cub Scout

The attached video is my 10 year old son’s video for Cub Scout popcorn sales. It’s funny, but also a reminder of how any source can serve as a fountain of joy. Watch the video and laugh – then ponder how you might be an inspiration to others.

If you’re in an organization looking to market your services/product/ideas, remember passion in your efforts to reach others. Consider or all of the following: laughter and good-natured humor are great (when in good taste), testimonials as endorsements always resonate, and love is something everybody recognizes.

A ten year old selling popcorn for a worthy organization, my son, connected with enough people to sell thousands of dollars worth of popcorn. Ponder how you might resonate with somebody on behalf of a cause you support or an idea you’re promoting.

The collection of articles under the subheading “INSPIRATION” on this site flow from various authors. They are not exclusively religious, but they are all rooted in practical wisdom for personal and communal right-living-for-today.