It was not hard to lose 35 pounds


I'm not selling anything, and I was not comfortable with a before and after picture. However, the results of losing a lot of weight are dramatic. This photo from our summer vacation captures what I noticed most:  I've got more energy to get out and about with my sons.

I lost about 35 pounds in under four months. Some statements to frame the journey, contact me if for websites I am using for free resources.

1.) "It was not very hard."

People tend to launch into reasons why they can not lose weight. If you're reading this, you can do it. Really, honestly, it is not very difficult.

2.) "The first thing you'll need to do is cut out processed sugar."

You have to plan and make some intentional choices. Sugar removal is "hard" only when you start realizing how much sugar you eat on a daily basis. If reading labels and avoiding processed food is "hard," then yes, it's hard. But really, this was the easiest thing for me to do. Sugar replacements are now common off-the-shelf store items, replace sugar with these options but note not all substitute will allow you to lose weight (stick with Stevia and Monk Fruit Sweetener to start).

3.) "You don't have to be hungry to lose weight."

If you've looked into weight loss, you've heard about the perils of "dieting." They are largely true, so don't think about dieting or hunger. I can assure you how I'm now eating is more "normal" than the way in which most modern humans eat.

4.) "Weight loss is largely a matter of food choices."

I've read a claims that food selection is about 80% of the issue. And I have friends who have done the same thing, without exercise, to achieve similar results. Exercise helps and accelerates the process, but start with food choices. You're working against yourself if you exercise without altering your nutrition intake.

As always, check with your physician before starting anything new related to your health. There is more to it than eliminating sugar, but it's a great start.